4chan deletes boards in attempt to clean up image

4chan founder Christopher “moot” Poole recently deleted two boards from his image board website 4chan. /r9k/ and /new/, which are the relationships and news boards respectively, were unceremoniously deleted on 1/18/11. The /new/ board, which is pejoratively referred to as /stormfront/ due to its often racist subject matter, was given warnings by moot to clean up and only post news-related content, but the board remained very strongly racism-oriented.

The wordball of the news board

The reason for delete /r9k/ is less clear, but it is theorized he wanted to purge the board of such a thing to mainstream the site, and let more “normal” users in. Poole recently received $650,000 in startup money for his social image site, canv.as, which precious little is known about, and it is rumored that this has caused him to clamp down on questionable content on his website.


3 Responses to “4chan deletes boards in attempt to clean up image”

  1. Tom in SFCA Says:

    4Chan is now banning users for “racist” posts on /b/. They have not changed the written rules but this is a new policy that is quite different from how /b/ was run up to a couple of days ago. I don’t know why they would change the rules but not state publicly that they did so but that is what has happened.

  2. >talk about news
    >make a casual joke about racial matters related to the content of the newspost
    >informally refer to my fellow black man as nigger ( a mainstream word today)
    >get sent to the gulag “keep /new/ out of /int/”

    such is life in soviet fourchan

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I hear you Anon. I tried countering some anti-Jewish propaganda, and it was I who found myself banned for referring to it by post quote. Soviet Fourchan indeed!

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